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My name is Bryan Bumgardner. Currently, I’m studying Data Science at Metis, where I’m learning advanced Python, data scraping, data visualization, machine learning and writing algorithms.

I’m  a graduate student at the Missouri School of Journalism. A storyteller at heart and a collaborator by nature. I love my friends, my family and people who count as both.

After surviving undergraduate in Print Journalism at West Virginia University, where I worked as an editor at the Daily Athenaeum,  I helped start a viral city blog, worked strategic communications for The Student Government Association and produced vast amounts of multiplatform content.

I’m interested in data storytelling, excellent company cultures, leadership and big data – I hope to find a job with all the above.

At the University of Missouri I’m getting my master’s in Data Journalism. I’ve worked as  the Digital Managing Editor of Vox, where I manage a team of digital publishers and oversee voxmagazine.com, and Deputy Editor, where I led teams that created in-depth feature stories each week. I worked to start digitally-oriented, data-intelligent strategies in both those positions.

I was also a Business Development Specialist for Gistory and Treepple, two journalism startups hosted by the Reynolds Journalism Institute.

I like to play guitar, pretend I understand men’s fashion and eat Thai food.

Hire me to do data visualization in April 2016.

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